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Mortarless technology works. Building “flexible” structures with interlocking dry-stacked materials provides superior performance over rigid construction techniques. Learn how to construct retaining walls, sound barriers and more.



Allan Block’s exclusive hollow-core product design provides many benefits over solid systems. Learn more about our different retaining wall products, block fencing and patio walls to choose the best styles to meet your site and design requirements.


Certification Training

As a leader in the industry, we have developed these tools and training programs to help contractors get the knowledge and the resources they need. Learn more about our Contractor Certification Program, giving you the training and tools you need to build top quality retaining walls.



Quickly determine the quantities of all materials needed for your retaining wall or patio projects, ensuring your hardscapes project is successful right from the start.



Find free downloadable information on retaining walls and patio walls. Get step-by-step instruction manuals and tech sheets to build all sorts of outdoor projects.

Best Practices for SRW Design

best practices

Learn the best practices in the industry for segmental retaining wall (SRW) design.



Detailed specifications that provide comprehensive information for most applications which utilize mortarless concrete block as a component of a segmental retaining walls and concrete block fencing.

Conractor Rewards


The AB Rewards Program recognizes AB Certified Contractors for their commitment to building top-quality Allan Block projects. Each reward level is filled with valuable AB merchandise. Learn More...

Case Studies

Case Study

Retaining wall and AB Fence projects are analyzed and outlined in these descriptive case studies. Check out the wide variety of projects analyzed here.