Our Mission

At Allan Block® Corporation, our goal is to be a visionary in the field of concrete construction and today's leader in Mortarless Technology®. We continually develop our creative and innovative construction products, revolutionizing the way the world builds. Our advanced systems offer the most efficient and practical alternatives to traditional construction, while maintaining the highest standard of quality available on the market. Our diverse array of products, meet the changing demands of the modern construction world.

Retaining Wall Terrace - AB Collection

AB Collection

We will work diligently to build and support our exceptional network of concrete product manufacturers and construction professionals, in order to bring products into the market as quickly and effectively as possible. The exclusive Allan Block network will be positioned to offer unparalleled service and support to our projects and customers. The Allan Block commitment to combining superior products with exceptional service will make Allan Block products - products you can trust. This will make our practical, effective and environmentally conscious concrete systems the most logical choice for construction in the future.

Our Company

Over the last couple decades, Allan Block has become a prominent global hardscapes company. We supply the world with innovative alternatives to traditional concrete construction, through advances in Mortarless Technology systems. Our success began with the introduction of our patented segmental retaining wall product -The Original Allan Block. The Allan Block system effectively meets the needs of a changing building community, by combining sophisticated technology with simple design concepts. It solves the construction needs of real people by integrating ease of installation, economic efficiency and durability qualities that make Allan Block products a hallmark of the concrete construction industry.

The same careful attention to research and design has been used throughout the development of all our Mortarless Technology systems. This growing family of patented products offers the industry intelligent, practical and effective building materials. In addition to our commitment to develop superior systems, Allan Block is also devoted to cultivating a significant network of Allan Block professionals and programs to transfer our innovations to the world. The intelligent combination of inventive products, involved professionals and influential programs is a true signature of the Allan Block Advantage.

Our Services

patio wall - AB Courtyard Collection

AB Courtyard Collection

The Allan Block family of product provides attractive solutions for any landscape. With hundreds of millions of square feet in the ground, we can deliver the quality and performance your project needs. Our wide variety of styles and colors, are guaranteed to blend into your natural surroundings.

Whether you are a homeowner working on a raised planter or an engineer designing sound barriers around a highway, Allan Block provides not only style and durability but an “Always Better” experience.

Our Training

At Allan Block, we like to say the AB stands for “Always Better”. What that means is that our team is striving to always be the best. Training is our best way to make the AB TEAM Always Better.

Your local Allan Block Representative has been to AB University to learn the ABC’S of Allan Block wall design and engineering. Many of our local AB Dealers have sent their key staff to AB University too. Many of these same Dealers offer Homeowner “How-To” classes to pass their knowledge along. Our Licensed Producers have had hands-on training on best practices for quality assurance.

Retaining Wall

AB Collection

We offer free tutorials for all our registered engineers to keep them on the front edge of SRW wall design. Our Contractor Certification Classes have trained thousands of local contractors on the proper techniques for wall design and construction. Through training we are committed to making sure every Allan Block team member is “Always Better”.

Our Network

The innovative and engineered features of Allan Block retaining wall, courtyard and fence products, have made it very attractive to concrete manufacturers and their distributors around the world. Our products are available throughout the United States and Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America and Asia.

At Allan Block we work diligently in building and supporting our network of concrete product manufacturers and construction professionals. These businesses are selected based on various factors but most importantly their level of service and commitment to bring Allan Block products into the market quickly and effectively. The Allan Block commitment to combining superior products with exceptional service make Allan Block products a family of products you can trust.