Project Case Studies for Retaining Walls and Fences

Check out the variety of case studies below to get an in-depth look and the plan, design and building techniques used to create some very interesting projects.

Retaining Walls ↴

GRS projects in Hamilton County, IN

GRS Bridge Projects
Hamilton, Cty, IN

Yates Residence

Yates Residence
Westerville, OH

State Route 14

State Route 14
Camas-Washougal, WA

Weston Corners

Weston Corners
Cary, NC

DePauw University

DePauw University
Greencastle, IN

Bridge River Substation Retaining Wall

Bridge River Substation
Lake Seton, BC

Okanagan Lake Retaining Wall

Okanagan Lake
West Kelowna, BC

Skyline Ridge Retaining Wall

Skyline Ridge
Springfield, NJ

Progress Quarry Retaining Wall

Progress Quarry
Beaverton, OR

Herrick Street Bridge Retaining Wall

Herrick Street Bridge
Rensselaer, NY

West Windsor Gardens Retaining Wall

West Windsor Gardens
West Windsor, NJ

Southern Expressway Retaining Wall

Southern Expressway
Adelaide, Australia

Killkenny Drive Ring Dike Retaining Wall

Killkenny Drive Ring Dike
Winnipeg, MB Canada

Woodland Heights Retaining Wall

Woodland Heights
Chaska, MN

Alpine Summit Retaining Wall

Alpine Summit
Walker, MI

Lake Tulloch Retaining Wall

Lake Tulloch
Lake Tulloch, CA

High Pointe Commons Retaining Wall

High Pointe Commons
Harrisburg, PA

Fences & Sound Barriers ↴

Marston Slopes Fence

Marston Slopes
Longmont, CO

White Springs Farm Fence

White Springs Farm
Montgomery County, PA

University of Arkansas Fence

University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR

US 17 Mount Pleasant Fence

US 17 Mount Pleasant
Mount Pleasant, SC

 McDonald's Fence

Union City, NJ

Garrison Woods Fence

Garrison Woods
Calgary, AB

Meadow Substation AB Fence Project

Meadow Substation
Longmont, CO